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The Ultimate Guide to Onions

Yes, it might seem like a weird topic. But onions are such a unique and diverse food. They transcend the edible and have many uses throughout your home.

You might be surprised at all the ways you can use them.

Onions are known for making you cry when you cut them. So much so that when someone is crying and doesn’t want to appear to be emotional, they say, “Who’s cutting the onions?”

So while it might seem random, we have lots of uses for onions. Try some of these and let us know how it worked for you!

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On to the many uses for onions.

  1. Protect Your Plant from Insects. If you’re tired of pests eating your plants, you can take care of them naturally. Head to the store and get an onion, garlic, cayenne powder, soap, and a spray bottle. Combine two onions, one clove of garlic, one tablespoon of cayenne powder, one tablespoon of soap flakes, and one gallon of water. Mix well and pour into a spray bottle. This spray will keep bugs away from your plants and is environmentally friendly.

  2. Clean Your Grill. If you barbecue or grill with any regularity, you know your grill can get immensely dirty. Never fear. Heat your grill, cut an onion in half, stick a carving fork in one end, and scrub your grill. You might be surprised how clean it gets without harsh chemicals!

  3. Cure for Stings. In Texas, we are no stranger to wasps and bees. Unfortunately, we are sometimes on the stinging end of the interaction. If this happens, place a slice of onion on the sting. Like magic, the pain should go away.

  4. Remove Paint Smell. If you have recently painted and are not loving the light-headed feeling you get from smelling from fresh paint; we have a solution. Cut up an onion, place in a bowl, cover with water and place in your beautifully painted new room. Within a couple of hours, the onions will absorb the smell of the paint.

  5. Remove Rust. If you have a rusty knife or pair of scissors you are considering tossing, simply stab an onion a couple of times. The rust should vanish.

  6. Keep Away Frost. During the cold months, you can use an onion to keep frost from forming on your windshield. Simply rub the cut side of an onion on your windshield. The chemicals in the onion should prevent frost from forming.

  7. Repair Burned Clothing. If you have accidentally scorched your clothes with your iron, you are not alone. If it’s your favorite shirt or pants and you don’t want to throw it away, grate some onion and place on the scorch marks and let it sit for 10 minutes. After a proper washing, the clothes should be good as new.

  8. Save Avocados. If you only need half of an avocado but don’t want to waste the other half, store it with a cut onion, preferably red.

  9. Polish Silver. Similar to removing rust, onions can polish silver. Crush some onions, mix with water, and scrub your silverware. The result should be shiny silver.

  10. Cure Earache. If you have an earache and can’t or don’t want to get to the doctor, chop up some onion and place it in a sock or cloth. Hold the pack next to your ear and wait a little while. The pain should dissipate.

  11. Cure Sore Throat. The healing properties don’t stop at the ear. If your throat hurts, boil some onion skins in water and make an onion tea. Remove the skins and sip on the liquid. Though it’s strong, it works.

  12. Relieve Pain and Bruises. If you take a fall or get a bruise, simply placing a sliced onion on the injured area (assuming it’s not an open wound) should relieve the pain and reduce the appearance of a bruise.

  13. Soothe Burns. Some chemicals in onions are natural analgesics, meaning they soothe pain. After a sunburn or a burn in the kitchen, slice an onion and place it on the burn.

  14. Pull a Splinter. If you have a deep splinter you can’t quite get to, put a small piece of onion under a band-aid or piece of medical tape. The onion should pull the splinter to the surface.

  15. Treat Fever. If you have a fever, try rubbing the bottom of your foot with coconut oil, then place a slice of onion over the oil. Put a sock or plastic wrap on your foot and go to bed. You should be feeling better in the morning.

  16. Stop vomiting. If you have a stomach bug or feel like you’re going to vomit, grate an onion, squeeze the juice out, and put it in peppermint tea. Sip until your stomach feels settled.

  17. Purify the Air. Apparently, cutting an onion in half and leaving it sitting out in your home can clear the air of bacteria.

  18. Stop Hair Loss. Believe it or not, onions may very well stop hair loss. Simply boil onion slices in water and use the cooled water as a pre-rinse before shampooing.

  19. Clear Chest Congestion. If cedar fever has you down, crush an onion and mix it with coconut oil. Then, rub the mixture on your chest like Vaporub. Another way to get rid of cough and chest congestion is to eat the onion. However, first put some brown sugar on the onion and let it sit for an hour or so first.

  20. Of course, Eat Them! It goes without saying, but onions are fantastic. You can make almost any meal better with caramelized onion. Diced, chopped, sliced… onions are good for you and add so much flavor.

There you have it--20 uses for onions. While we can’t guarantee any of these work, we hope you’ll try some.

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