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Perfect Post-Game Snacks Your Kids Will Love

It’s that time of year again. Whether you find yourself on the sideline of a soccer game or a football game, or maybe you’re more of a dance mom, you will likely be packing a bag full of snacks to bring along.

At Sweetbriar Rose, we are no stranger to the “soccer mom” gig. Our owner has 3 kids of her own, all grown. Her kids even have kids. Many of our staff balance a multitude of kids games and practices week in and week out.

We hope you find time between all your scheduled outings to stop into Sweetbriar Rose and see us, though. We can help you relax with a cold glass of beer or wine flight. Of course, you can’t go wrong with one of our from-scratch sandwiches or pastries. Plus, if you have a morning game, swing by for a handcrafted latte to pick you up before a day of cheering.

Healthy Snacks

Whether it is your week to bring a team snack, or you are only providing refueling for your kiddos, you probably want something healthy. Your kids just worked hard and depleted a whole lot of nutrients. Replenish what they lost with some healthy snacks packed full of the essentials.

Apple Slices or Carrot Sticks

Something crunchy is always a hit. Instead of chips, opt for a healthier option. Both carrots and apples are full of fiber, as well as vitamins and antioxidants--all of which are important.


What kid doesn't love a cutie? A five-pound bag of these snack size favorites is affordable and easy for kids to peel themselves. You can also buy full-size oranges and cut into slices beforehand. Oranges last a while after being cut and are full of vitamin C. They are also refreshing.


Bananas restore potassium to muscles, which can prevent cramps and other uncomfortable feelings after a long game.

Trail Mix

The best part of trail mix is you can customize to your player’s taste. Any combination of seeds, nuts, cereals, dried fruits, pretzels, and even chocolate combine for a tasty snack. Fill your kids with protein and fiber, and they’ll have fun eating, as well.

Yogurt Pouches

Many of the yogurt pouches are made with less sugar and no artificial food coloring. Freezing the box the night before and throwing them in a cooler before heading out the door will leave your kids with a cool and healthy snack.

String Cheese and Crackers

Combining string cheese and your kid's favorite whole-grain crackers make an excellent post-game snack. Your kids will get protein and fiber to fill them up and refuel their bodies.


These little treats go well in trail mix or alone. I’m not sure I’ve ever seen a kid who doesn’t like raisins. They are sweet, easy to take along, and delicious.

Applesauce Pouches

These are fantastic for a quick snack on the go. As a bonus, applesauce is full of fiber and much-needed vitamins. Look for some with no added sugar.

Fun Snacks

While it is essential to provide your athletes with healthy snacks to refuel them, don’t think you are limited to fruit and vegetables. There are many snacks today that are attractive to kids and provide some necessary nutrition. Combining some fun snacks with a healthier option can go a long way after a game or event.

Pirate’s Booty

If your kids haven’t discovered Pirate’s Booty yet, give it time. This tasty snack is the best of both worlds. Picture Cheetos, only healthier. They have less salt and are made from more natural ingredients.


Popcorn isn’t just for movies… Look for a natural option made from whole grain. Steering clear of butter-filled popcorn is also wise.

Gold Fish

Many kinds of Gold Fish are made with whole grains. Choose your child's favorite flavor and let them enjoy a fishy snack after working hard.

Granola Bars

There are too many varieties of granola bars to list. Whether your kids prefer sweet, salty, nutty, or a combination, you will find a bar that fits the bill. Many brands are organic and only use whole ingredients. Check out Clif Bars, Kind Bars, Larabars, or Cascadian Farms.

Hydration is Key

When it comes to rehydrating after the game, of course water is essential. However, other options taste good (so kids love them) and are good for them.

One of the best drinks to refuel after physical work is actually chocolate milk. It seems weird, but it's true. Not only does chocolate milk restore electrolytes lost during physical activity, but it also helps rebuild muscle. Chocolate milk also has the necessary nutrients to keep your kid's body running smoothly.

It seems weird, but it's true. Not only does chocolate milk restore electrolytes lost during physical activity, but it also helps rebuild muscle. Chocolate milk also has the necessary nutrients to keep your kid's body running smoothly.

If you are going to opt for a sports drink, try to find one with less sugar and no artificial food coloring. Buy the smaller bottles if you’re giving them to younger kids, as well. Fruit juice is also a decent post-game drink. Again, look for less sugar and aim for 100% fruit juice.

Swing By Sweetbriar Rose

What better way to celebrate your kids hard work (and yours, we know it’s not easy lugging them around…) than stopping by Sweetbriar Rose. Your kids can get a cookie--even if it’s not the best post-game snack--and you can get a cold beer or glass of wine.

We are always kid and family friendly and would love to see you and hear about your winning kick, game saving defensive play, perfect cheer, or whatever it is keeping your family busy each weekend. We hope to see you soon.

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