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Fun Ways to Eat Fruit and Veggies

If you’re like most Americans, you know you need to be eating more fruit and vegetables, but you have a hard time getting the recommended servings in. That is, if you know the recommended servings. Things have changed since we were kids on how much and what we are supposed to eat.

Many of us are used to or grew up with the Food Pyramid with the big section on the bottom for grains and adding in fruit, veggies, meat, fats, and sweets going up. Now, however, we are teaching our kids My Plate. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that what we put in our mouths is incredibly important. Focusing on fueling our bodies with the best possible food is essential.

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What is My Plate?

For those without younger kids or who don’t follow nutritional guidelines, ever-changing as they may be, My Plate is the government’s new method of encouraging balanced and healthy eating. Food is impactful, especially when you consider everything you eat over time. So while not every bite needs to be the healthiest morsel, it is wise to ensure most of what you eat is.

The most significant change from the earlier ideas is that the biggest portion of your plate should be fruits and vegetables, rather than grains. We are supposed to have half our plate be covered with produce. Try to get whole fruits and get some variety in your vegetables.

On the rest of your plate, you should have half of your grains be whole grains and focus on low fat or fat-free milk and yogurt. Ensure you are changing up your protein intake and try not to drink sodium, saturated fats, or added sugars.

Following these guidelines will help you eat healthier, which will benefit every other part of your life. If you have never seriously focused on what you are eating, you might be surprised at the effect it has on you.

Fun Ways to Add in Fresh Fruits and Veggies

There are many ways to add fruits and veggies every day. Check out some of our favorite ways to pack in the nutrients each day.

Start Your Day with a Bang

We have all heard how important breakfast is. A healthy breakfast can kickstart your metabolism as well as increase your focus and performance throughout the day. Adding in fruits and veggies at breakfast should be a no-brainer.

Toss in fresh or dried fruit or berries into oatmeal, yogurt, or cereal. A great way to combine fruits and veggies is in a refreshing smoothie. Tossing your favorite vegetables into an egg scramble or omelet is also a great way to get some added nutrients. If you’re not a fan of plain eggs, wrap that scramble up in a whole-grain tortilla or serve with whole-grain toast.

Double Up

A fantastic and incredibly simple way to add vegetables is to double up the vegetables in recipes. If you are making a soup, sandwich, pizza, pasta, casserole, or just about anything else, add twice as many vegetables as called for in the recipe. A little extra elbow grease while chopping can help you feel better in the long run.

When you are eating out, opt for a salad or side of veggies instead of fries. You can even ask to double up here! Ask your waiter for a double serving of the healthy side.

Sneak Them In

There are many recipes where you can add vegetables and fruit and either not notice or even make the dish better. A high-quality grater will allow you to add produce to a variety of dishes.

Try adding pureed or shredded veggies and fruit to bread, meatloaf, sauces, mashed potatoes, pasta, and more. The possibilities are endless.

Meatless Monday

You have maybe heard of this campaign that is growing in popularity. The idea is to pick a day, it can be any day, and not eat any meat. Avoiding meat will, by default, encourage you to eat more fruits and vegetables.

Check out these vegetarian options that will help keep you meat-free day full of veggies and fruit.

Explore New Things

Finding new food is especially fun if you have kids, but anyone can do it. Each week, make it a point to find a new fruit or vegetable at the store. Focus on things that are in season and fresh. Choosing one new food a week to taste and learn about will reap so many benefits for you and your family.

Farmers Market

Most areas have a farmer’s market, even if it’s only seasonal. If you have access to one, take advantage of it! Finding fresh and local fruits and vegetables is fun, and you are supporting local farms and growers.

Snacking is OK

While you might think of kindergarten or kids when you think of snacking, don’t shy away from this between-meal pick me up. Snacking on fruits and veggies is a great way to get in an extra serving or two. Try these fun snack ideas

Many dips can become a healthy treat if you choose veggies to dip, as well. Whip up a healthy artichoke dip and serve with carrots, celery, or bell peppers. Most of your favorite dips go well with vegetables.

Look Forward to Dessert

Dessert doesn’t have to be a bad word or a rare treat. You can fill your dessert plate with fruits for a refreshing, light, and satisfying dessert. For a fun and cool treat, freeze grapes or bananas to replace ice cream. Try these healthy, fruit-based desserts.

Stop By Sweetbriar Rose

At Sweetbriar Rose, we love finding ways to eat our fruits and vegetables. Outside of our normal menu offerings, our chef is constantly coming up with new and exciting recipes that are often full of fresh fruits and vegetables, local ones if they’re an option. We hope to see you Thursday through Sunday!

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