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Celebrating Easter with Food and Fun

Updated: Apr 7, 2019

It’s March! And we have officially entered the Lenten season. Easter is just around the corner. While it may seem a ways off still, it will be here before you know it.

I don’t know how your family celebrates Easter, but our family has a few things we do every year. Of course, there is food. Is it even a holiday without something delicious to snack on?

We usually go to church as a family, as well. Mostly, we enjoy time to catch up and to be with family that we don’t get to see often enough.

The last several years, we have started egg hunts again! These periods are cyclical in any family. You have egg hunts as a kid, and then you have to wait until the next generation is here to start hunting again.

Our family is fun in that we had two distinct groups of grand kids. The older group hunted when they were young, then helped the younger group. Now the older group is having kids of their own, and we get to have hunts again!

All holidays are magical through the eyes of kids, and Easter is no different. While it is fun to talk about the Easter Bunny, we focus on Jesus and his sacrifice for us this time of year. Between church, resurrection rolls, and general conversation, we hope the next generation of our family knows why we celebrate Easter.

So, if you are looking for some fun ways to celebrate Easter this year, we have some Easter brunch ideas, as well as Easter activities for kids, Easter decorations, and local Easter events in Fredericksburg, TX. But, we would also love for you to stop by Sweetbriar Rose and enjoy some of our delicious food and drinks sometime during the season.

Easter Activities For Kids

If you have kids, you know there are MANY things you can do with them for Easter. Of course, there are eggs to dye. But there is a variety of other things you can do with eggs, both plastic and real.

One of our favorite things to do with our kids at Easter is resurrection rolls. These rolls are a delicious, fun, and visual way for your kids to learn about Easter and the empty tomb. This is a great link that includes the recipe, plus a kid-friendly way to explain all the steps. If your kids are like mine, they will enjoy making and eating these rolls. And bonus, they are learning more about Jesus!

If you are looking for a less messy way to decorate real eggs, all you need is some coloring pages, markers, scissors, decoupage, and a paintbrush. These coloring page eggs are adorable and way less messy than letting your kids dip eggs in dye.

If you want to have some educational fun, try these matching Easter eggs. You can go a variety of ways with these, depending on the age of your kiddos. You will write coordinating things on either side of the egg and have the kids match, whether it be capital and lowercase letters, numbers and number of things, or even phonics with several letters on one side and bases of the words on the other (c-at, h-at, s-at, m-at, etc.)

A fantastic way to teach your children about kindness and spreading the real reason for Easter is to “egg” your neighbors! No, we’re not saying throw eggs at your friends. Put treats in eleven eggs and leave one empty. Hide them around a friend or neighbor’s yard and leave a note on the door telling them to find the eggs and reminding them that Jesus’ tomb is empty.

Easter Recipes

Whether your family likes having a big lunch after church, or prefer an Easter dinner, there are seemingly endless recipes out there, and many sound amazing.

No matter when you are eating, there is always room for dessert. A recipe you can’t go wrong with is our chocolate cupcakes (or cake). We LOVE this recipe, and your family will, too. You can find all kinds of creative way to decorate these with an Easter theme, as well. A simple way would be with chocolate shavings under some mini Cadbury eggs.

For a simple way to feed a crowd, try this Spinach and Cheddar Slab Quiche. The base is a store-bought pie crust, and the filling is relatively simple. You can throw it together and put in the oven in a manner of minutes.

Of course, what is Easter without deviled eggs? Why is this a staple, we don’t know. But there is always a plate of deviled eggs. If you are looking for a fantastic recipe, try out this one. The ingredients are simple, but they come together perfectly. Make sure you have older eggs and follow this recipe for perfect hard-boiled eggs.

Easter Decorations

When it comes to Easter decorations, there are so many things you can do. Whether you want something simple, or you decide to go the more elaborate route, you can ensure your Easter will look fabulous.

Something easy to do that is very noticeable is a wreath for your front door. Here is a collection of ideas. A quick trip to Target, Pier 1, or any home decoration store will yield a variety of options. If you have the DIY bug, this site has lots of different ones. Most are relatively simple and will produce beautiful results.

For a collection of ideas, check out this excellent compilation. There are ideas for wreaths, vintage pieces, Easter eggs, bunnies, and more. The options are endless, and your home will feel like spring for the entire season.

Local Easter Events in Fredericksburg, TX

There are a variety o events happening in the area that are fun and family-friendly. On Saturday, April 20, check out Easter at the Farm at Lyndon B. Johnson State and Historical Site. You can explore traditional Easter decor and treats from an early 20th century German farmstead.

There will also be an Easter egg hunt at the Pioneer Museum on April 20th. Kids under 10 can enjoy a hunt divided by age group. The Easter Bunny is also scheduled to make an appearance!

Explore the traditional Easter décor and baked goods of an early 20th-century German farmstead as we prepare for this holy day. Learn how to dye eggs with natural dyes, see the traditional Easter Lamb Cake, and make your own friendship card to share with those you love.

At Sweetbriar Rose, we are hosting a fun Easter Cookie Decorating event on Friday, April 19. Stop by between 10:00 am and 5:00 pm to decorate a tasty Easter cookie. No need to bring anything. This is a great event for kids, as well!

Stop by Sweetbriar Rose

At Sweetbriar Rose, we want to help you celebrate Easter however you want. We carry a variety of decorations that would be perfect on your table or in your home for Easter. We also can help with food if you want something delicious but wish to stay out of the kitchen.

We have some adorable things in stock at our store that will really make your home feel like spring and Easter. We have plush bunnies from TY that make excellent basket stuffers or decoration anywhere in the house. If you love tea towels, we have Easter and spring themed designs that will make a statement and get some smiles. Stop in today and see what else you can find.

Our chef is happy to help fill your table and stomachs with fantastic food. Whether you are looking for a tray of sweet treats, something a little more substantial like scones or muffins, or want some help with the main dish, we can work with you.

Give us a call at (830)307-2646, and we will figure out together how to make your Easter meal fantastic. We do need some time to prepare the food so keep that in mind when you call.

Most of all, we wish you and your family a very, Happy Easter. May you remember that Jesus Christ died for us so that we may spend forever with him in Heaven. We are praying for you and your family in this season. And we hope that you stop in and celebrate part of the season with us at our store!

We look forward to seeing you soon!

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