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Back to School Lunch Ideas Everyone Will Love

It's July! Which means August is just around the corner. And August means back to school! Whether or not you're excited about sending your kids back to school, there is a lot to prepare for before school starts.

While we can’t be there to help ease your family into a back to school routine, we can help with #backtoschoollunchideas.

If you’re looking for a great place to grab lunch during the remaining weeks of summer, or even after you drop your kids off once school starts, head on over to Sweetbriar Rose Thursday through Sunday. We offer from-scratch bread and pastries as well as coffee, beer, and wine. We also have drinks and treats your kids will love, and they are always welcome.

What You’ll Need

First off, you will need a high-quality lunch box, as well as storage for inside the lunch box. While your kids probably have strong ideas about what they want the outside of the lunch box to look like, they probably don’t care what is on the inside.

Bentgo makes a fantastic compartmentalized lunch box that could be used alone or inside of another box. You can choose from three different color combinations to match your child’s personality. And with five useful compartments, you can keep their lunch perfectly organized.

If you are looking for something a little less fancy, check out this set of five reusable containers. These nifty boxes take traditional sandwich containers up a notch by adding two additional compartments. You will have a large section for the sandwich or other main part of the meal, plus two smaller areas for fruit, veggies, dips, chips, etc.

Lunch Ideas

When it comes to packing your kiddos a lunch, you can do so much more than the traditional PB&J. In fact, you should! Research has consistently shown that kids need a balanced diet rich in healthy fruits, veggies, meats, grains, and dairy and low in processed food and added sugar.

With that in mind, you can still get creative! Do your kids like sushi? Send them some in their lunch. If you have a mat to roll sushi (or even if you don’t), simply roll up rice with sliced bell peppers, cucumbers, or other veggies your kids love with canned albacore tuna. Slice it up and let your kids have a fantastic lunch!

What kids don’t love pasta? Send them to school with some homemade pasta salad. All you need is some whole grain pasta, an Italian dressing, bell peppers, olives, corn, onions, tomatoes salami, and cheese, or whatever toppings you prefer.

For another fun twist, how about Asian Spring Rolls? While these may seem fancy at a restaurant, they are actually quite simple to make at home. Plus, you can customize them to your child’s favorite fillings.

All you need is rice paper wraps you dipped in hot water to soften plus whatever you want for stuffing the rolls. Be creative! Try different meats like shrimp or chicken, different veggies like bell peppers, spinach, asparagus, sprouts, and more. You can even throw in fruit like mangos or apples!

Do your kids like soups? How about chili? If you have a good thermos that will keep their lunch warm, don’t shy away from your favorite hot dishes. Leftovers can be heated up and kept warm until lunchtime.

How about salads? You can easily send your kids with a salad for lunch. Just toss together all of the ingredients and leave the dressing on the side. Obviously, this should be for slightly older kids who can do this on their own.

Salads are a great way to get creative and ensure they are getting in a healthy lunch. Experiment with different bases from kale to butter leaf to spinach to blends. Vary the toppings with different veggies, cheeses, fruits, and nuts. And of course, there are about a million dressings to try. You can send your kids a different salad every day and never repeat yourself.

Of course, there are a wide variety of sandwiches to send, but don’t limit yourself to plain bread. Try a sandwich using bagels, English muffins, or pita bread. Or skip the bread and use a tortilla. Maybe go grain free and make a lettuce wrap!

Most importantly, don’t stress yourself out! Making lunches can be overwhelming, and it can also get monotonous. Focus on the key groups and aim to get a healthy grain, protein, fruit, veggies, and dairy option into each lunch.

However, don't kick yourself if you forget a category now and then, it happens to the best parents--no one is taking your kids away. Remember, not every lunch needs to be Pinterest-worthy.

Make it Your Own

After you have figured out what to send, include something special to let your kids know you are thinking about them during the day. Include a little note with a simple message saying you love them.

If you want to get a little more creative, send a joke or riddle. You can entertain your child and their whole table with a riddle to get everyone thinking. A quick Google search will yield you hundreds, if not thousands, of funny jokes and riddles your kiddos will love.

Stop By Sweetbriar Rose

As the school year gets closer, keep us in mind! We sell bread by the loaf. Your kids will have the best sandwiches in school on bread from our fantastic chef. You can also order cookies and other treats. While these shouldn’t be a daily addition to your kiddos lunch, everyone deserves a cookie now and then. Don’t forget to grab yourself a couple!

Hopefully, these back to school lunch ideas help. We hope to see you and your kiddos this summer and after school starts!

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